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Doing America | Season 2 | Now Available on Vessel!

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Season 2 of Doing America is now available on Vessel! Click here to watch on Vessel, or view each episode below. Coming soon to Amazon, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Doing America is a road-trip travel series featuring tourist destinations and roadside attractions throughout the United States and the revelations one experiences as they explore the country by car.


DESCRIPTION: Ben Churchill and his friend John Fazio pick up where they left off on their last road trip when they head to San Francisco where they interview cat lovers at First Caturday in Dolores Park, stop by Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 to see the sea lions, go to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company in Chinatown, drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, and check out an art installation called “The Wave Organ” in the Marina District.

Watch episode 1 on Vessel.


DESCRIPTION: Ben Churchill and his friend John Fazio head to the capitol of California, Sacramento, to visit historical Old Sacramento, check out the roadside attraction that’s a sculpture of Kevin Costner as he appeared in the film “Silverado,” make a quick stop at Folsom State Prison, and go to Folsom Lake to see how one of worst droughts in the state has affected the area.

Watch episode 2 on Vessel.


DESCRIPTION: Ben Churchill and his friend John Fazio visit Reno, Nevada where they check out the National Automobile Museum where there are more than 200 cars on exhibit, stop by the National Bowling Stadium where part of the movie “Kingpin” was filmed, learn about the homeless population, get a closer look at a scenic view along the side of the highway, and stumble upon The Shoe Tree on “The Loneliest Road in America,” route 50.

Watch episode 3 on Vessel.


DESCRIPTION: Ben Churchill and his friend John Fazio visit Ely, Nevada where they meet up with artist Jeff Weiss who is holding a remembrance ceremony for Prometheus, a bristlecone pine tree which is formerly the oldest living tree in the world, go for a hike in the Great Basin National Park, and stop by Major’s Station, a restaurant & bar that’s covered in money.

Watch episode 4 on Vessel.


DESCRIPTION: Ben Churchill and his friend John Fazio head to Death Valley National Park after a last minute decision to go camping, stop in the semi-abandoned ghost town of Goldfield, Nevada, learn about a junk car sculpture park known as the International Car Forest of the Last Church, and start to feel the effects of being alone in the desert at night.

Watch episode 5 on Vessel.


DESCRIPTION: Ben Churchill and his friend John Fazio wake up in Death Valley National Park after a night of camping, visit the large volcanic crater known as Ubehebe Crater, check out the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, experience 110+ degree temperatures of the desert, go to Salt Creek Trail in hopes of seeing Pupfish, and reflect on the week-long road trip and what the learned from their adventure.

Watch episode 6 on Vessel.

Wild Card Boxing Club | The Gym Series | UCN

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As we get closer to the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on May 2 in Las Vegas, UCN’s original series, The Gym Series, takes a look at Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, CA.

Owner/trainer Freddie Roach talks about the gym’s history, who has trained there over the years including Manny Pacquiao, gives us a tour of the facility, tells us about the time Floyd Mayweather trained there, and Freddie’s favorite moment when Muhammad Ali stopped by.

Watch all the episodes of The Gym Series here.

Produced for the Undisputed Champion Network

Executive Produced by Damon Bingham, Art Horan
Produced/Edited by Ben Churchill
Filmed by Erik Stone
Music by David Hlebo
Produced by UCN Productions, LLC
In association with Television Four Studios

Watch My Documentaries On Vessel

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You can now watch my documentaries shorts on Vessel – a new digital platform specializing in short form videos. The site was launched earlier this year and allows viewers early access to content distributed on the web. Below are all the documentary shorts I produced or directed which are available to watch on Vessel.

“Bob Marley: Giant” (17 min)

Description: Dennis Morris, photographer for Jamaican reggae musician Bob Marley during the 1970’s, tells the stories behind many of his iconic images of the musician taken at concerts, backstage, and between shows.

Watch “Bob Marley: Giant” on Vessel.

“Video World” (16 min)

Description: Documentary filmmaker Ben Churchill returns to his hometown in Connecticut to capture Video World’s final weeks and celebrate the dying culture of local video stores.

Watch “Video World” on Vessel.

“Toy Place” (17 min)

Description: A toy museum captures the wonders of childhood imagination and the maturity of time.

Watch “Toy Place” on Vessel.

“Wrestling Dreams” (5 min)

Description: Chris Baldyga lives the life of a superhero: gym manager by day, pro wrestler by night. This documentary provides a behind the scenes experience at the independent pro wrestling circuit.

Watch “Wrestling Dreams” on Vessel.

“Pin-Ups For Vets” (10 min)

Description: This short documentary tells the story of a nonprofit group led by former dancer Gina Elise and her beautiful, ex-veteran model friends who dress as 40’s pinups to raise funds to improve Veterans’ healthcare.

Watch “Pin-Ups For Vets” on Vessel.