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Here’s a collection of my most recent posts on Instagram. The photos tend to be from video shoots, upcoming projects, or random things that catch my eye day-to-day. You can follow me on Instagram at http://instagram.com/benjchurchill.

 New Video: "How A Blind Person Watches Videos (on YouTubers React)" - Link in bio  AirPlay Mirroring the iPhone on a TV while taking a photo of the TV  Behind-the-scenes of today's @blindfilmcritic video with @andrealausell.  #Trainspotting soundtrack on #vinyl!  Mel Brooks shares stories after a screening of Blazing Saddles in LA last night. #melbrooks #comedy
 ‪Ready to shoot new eps of @ucnlive'a 10 Count at Hollywood Smoke in #SantaMonica with @steveucnlive @mikebaca2 @dougiefischer #boxing ‬    Watch @blindfilmcritic on Tosh.0 on Comedy Central tonight at 10/9c.  Here's The Lovin' Spoonful reel-to-reel featured in our recent @blindfilmcritic video where he talks about shoplifting.  Hello
 New Video: "This Is Why We Don't Vlog Daily on TommyEdisonXP" (Link in profile)  Behind-the-scenes of today's @blindfilmcritic video featuring @chrischann  ‪In the background of today's shoot, @BlindFilmCritic and I honored @pewdiepie with bro fist pin art. #IStandWithPewDiePie ‬#pewdiepie #youtuber  More 8-tracks from our recent @blindfilmcritic video - 2 of the 3 'Doors albums released after Morrison's death. #thedoors #vintage #8track  Getting ready to swap out the LPs in our @blindfilmcritic videos background. #paulsimon #andrewdiceclay #records #vinyl #lp
 Behind-the-scenes of today's @blindfilmcritic video: "Blind Man Builds Things with LEGO Bricks"  ‪Swipe for more: Behind-the-scenes photos of @BlindFilmCritic at the taping of his Tosh.0 interview ‬  An amazing score... The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) #michellegrand #stevemcqueen #fayedunaway #vinyl #vintage #soundtrack  A couple of the 8-tracks that we featured in a recent @blindfilmcritic video. #beatles #music #vintage  A closer look at the background of our @blindfilmcritic videos - Akai X-1800SD Reel to Reel #reeltoreel #vintage #8track

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