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Here’s a collection of my most recent posts on Instagram. The photos tend to be from video shoots, upcoming projects, or random things that catch my eye day-to-day. You can follow me on Instagram at http://instagram.com/benjchurchill.

 Quentin Tarantino, Tim Roth, and Michael Madsen on stage at Sundance #NextFext last week.  NEW VIDEO: This is Why We Don't Vlog at #Vidcon (Link in profile)  Tommy unknowingly signs a 10 year contract after a request for his autograph. #vidcon  Enjoying a damn fine cup of coffee. #twinpeaks  The great composer Kevin MacLeod whose music is used in thousands of YouTube videos. #penguicon #penguicon2017
 @blindfilmcritic shooting an episode of YouTubers React today  Just wrapped a couple videos with @saradietschy and @blindfilmcritic. Stay tuned...  The night before #VidCon2017  Behind-the-scenes of today's new @blindfilmcritic video: Blind vs. Blindfolded - Name That Sound (ft. @itslololove) - Link in bio  Royksopp at The Novo in Los Angeles
 Last night @luchavavoom celebrated 15 years of live shows featuring Mexican wrestling, burlesque dancing, and comedy.  Shot an upcoming collab with Evan (@getsomeevan) of @gregorybrothers. #vidcon2017 #vidcon #vidconus  ‪Jackie Brown soundtrack on vinyl #quintentarantino ‬  The concierge at @Penguicon's hotel asked @BlindFilmCritic to try to describe him after seeing Ethan talk about Tommy on @h3h3productions #penguicon #penguicon2017  That little man with those big hands is Hans Zimmer last night. #hanszimmer
 Easy Rider soundtrack on #vinyl #record #LP  #vidcon2017  Built-in calculator in case you need help with the tip.  If you mean renovation, then just say it. Otherwise, I have no idea what this sign means. #penguicon #penguicon2017  The 'Twin Peaks' soundtrack on 'Damn Fine Coffee' colored vinyl. #twinpeaks #davidlynch

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