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Doing America | Season 2

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NEW SHORT DOCUMENTARY: “The Doctor in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

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Joe Pantoliano interviews Dr. Dean Brooks, the former Superintendent of the Oregon State Hospital from 1955 to 1981. Brooks participated in the film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest when the producers cast him as Dr. Spivey and shot the film at the hospital in Salem, Oregon during the mid-1970′s. Brooks talks about how he started in psychiatry, became involved with the film, and what he learned about acting from Jack Nicholson.

No Kidding? Me Too! (NKM2), founded by Joe Pantoliano, is a non-profit organization who’s main purpose is to stomp the stigma that surrounds brain disease.

Produced by Joe Pantoliano

Directed by Ben Churchill

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Used By Permission
©1975 The Saul Zaentz Company

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – Trailer

Tommy Edison Interviews Actor Joe Pantoliano

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Tommy Edison interviews actor Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix, Memento, The Sopranos, Goonies) about his career, today’s actors, his involvement in a viral video from 2011, and his new book “Asylum”. This is part one of the interview.

Joe Pantoliano’s new book “Asylum: Hollywood Tales from My Great Depression”
Barnes & Noble:

Joe Pantoliano Reading Asylum Audio Book (Ralphie Cifaretto/The Sopranos)

WAITRESS FAIL-Spills Tray of Food on Actor Joe Pantoliano


The interview continues with questions from Tommy about Joey’s career, his most famous roles, and if he’s every had plastic surgery. Then, Joey turns the table and starts asking Tommy about his blindness. This is part two of the interview. There are bonus clips below of Joey answering questions about some of his most well-known roles in movies and TV.



Joe Pantoliano – Memento / Christopher Nolan

Joe Pantoliano – Joey Pants Name / Midnight Run

Joe Pantoliano – The Sopranos


Joe Pantoliano in “The Matrix”

Joe Pantoliano in “Memento”

Joe Pantoliano in “The Sopranos”

Joe Pantoliano in “Risky Business”



Tommy Edison Experience – New Video Every Tuesday

BlindFilmCritic (movie reviews)
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Starring Tommy Edison

Directed & Edited by Ben Churchill

Second Camera
Francis Sheehan

John Fazio

Production Coordinator
Max Schlicher

ASYLUM Book Cover
Courtesy of Weinstein Books

ASYLUM Audio Book Reading
Courtesy of AsylumBook

Waitress Fail Video Courtesy of
Jersey Jo Productions

New Haven Register: Blind Film Critic’s Website a Must-See Hit

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New Haven Register – August 21, 2011
By Mark McCurley, Special to the Register

MILFORD — Tommy Edison, blind since birth, is drawn to things normally associated with a sighted person.

For 17 years, he’s been the traffic reporter for STAR 99.9 radio, delivering morning and afternoon rush updates for highways and streets he’s never seen.

“To the listeners, they don’t know the difference,” he said.

Now, the Milford resident is doing something even more surprising.

He’s reviewing movies at his website, The videotaped reviews are for everyone, not just blind people, and are full of Edison’s irreverent humor, such as his unique rating system.

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