Wrestling Dreams

“Wrestling Dreams” is a documentary short about Chris Baldyga, a gym manager by day and the independent professional wrestler, The Iron Eagle, by night. Chris talks about about his childhood dreams of becoming a professional wrestler, how he developed his wrestling character, and gives us a behind the scenes look at the independent pro wrestling circuit. “Wrestling Dreams” is available to watch on YouTube.

“Wrestling Dreams” on YouTube

Directed and Edited by
Ben Churchill

Associate Producer
John Fazio Jr.

Chris Baldyga a.k.a. The Iron Eagle

Thank You
Gino Caruso, Brutus Beefcake, The Masked Superstar, Andrew Anderson, The Peacemaker, Crazy Ivan, Frankie Flow, The Punisher, Tony Myers, Abunai, Timothy Plazma, Gq Smooth, Dan De Man, Big Ben Cromwell, The Ambassador, Jay “Iceman” Piccirillo, Jeff “The Hungryman” Harrison, Circolo Sportivo Italian American Club, and East Coast Pro Wrestling

Production Services
Jersey Jo Productions

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Radio Trip Pictures

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