The Radio Trip

“The Radio Trip” is a mix of stand-up comedy, clips from movies and television, prank phone calls, montages, interviews, and music.

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Here’s a quick preview of what’s on “The Radio Trip”.

From 1999 to 2008, I produced and hosted the weekly/monthly radio show that was an independent, non-commercial project that I maintained outside of my ‘9 to 5’ job in commercial radio. The show was broadcast on a few different radio stations. Here’s the timeline:

9/1/1999 – 4/8/2000
98.1 FM WQAQ – Hamden, CT

11/1/2001 – 8/26/2004
88.7 FM WNHU – West Haven, CT

8/31/2004 – 3/30/2008
89.5 FM WPKN – Bridgeport, CT
88.7 FM WPKM – Montauk, NY

After 9 years, I decided to stop the show because I was changing careers from Radio broadcasting to TV/Film/Video production. The radio show required a lot of editing and producing time which I now spend on documentaries or various web series on You Tube.

An archive of broadcasts were available at, but that website no longer exists. I’ve received a number of requests to repost the shows online, so…

I’ve decided to start a podcast featuring archived broadcasts of “The Radio Trip”. You will now be able to subscribe to the podcast (copy/paste the following link into iTunes > Advanced: and stay up-to-date on reposts of the show. Each broadcast will be available to download as one file. Some shows run for 2 hours while some last for 6 hours. The file format will be MP3 at 192 kbps. A standard two hour show as a stereo mix is 175 MB.

I will start the podcast by posting the first broadcast on 89.5 FM WPKN in Bridgeport, CT / 88.7 FM WPKM in Montauk, NY from August 31, 2004. Then I will post the next available broadcast in my archives until the end of the show in 2008.

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