Doing America – Season 1

I’ve heard a lot of people say, if there’s one thing you should do, it’s take a road trip across the country because it will change your life forever. I wanted to know why, so I packed a van, invited a friend, and drove from Connecticut to California. In each episode, we explore a new city using GPS as our map and the internet as our tour guide. Cities include Cleveland, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, and the Grand Canyon.

Season one premiered on Feb 18, 2014 on YouTube at

Season 1 – Trailer (1:42)


Episode 1 – Connecticut & Scranton, PA

Description: Ben and John begin their trip across the U.S. Once they leave Connecticut, they drive through the state of NY, visit Scranton, PA to look for the “Scranton Welcomes You” sign that appeared in the TV show “The Office”, and then head to Cleveland, OH.

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Episode 2 – Cleveland, Ohio

Description: Ben and John explore Cleveland, Ohio. On a day when it was raining, they headed toward the north end of the city, talked to a veteran of war who was collecting donations for the homeless, and visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Episode 3 – Indianapolis, Indiana

Description: Ben and John visit Indianapolis, Indiana. They went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park, checked out downtown Indianapolis, and visited the Rhythm Discovery Center.

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Episode 4 – St. Louis, Missouri

Description: Ben and John visit St. Louis, Missouri. They checked out the Kiener Plaza fountain which was mysteriously dyed red, The Gateway Arch along the Mississippi River, and Nostalgiaville USA which sells retro merchandise and clothing.

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Episode 5 – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Description: Ben and John visit Colorado Springs, Colorado. They checked out the view at the Garden of the Gods, went to the Airplane Restaurant which features a Boeing KC-97 tanker, and stopped by Arcade Amusements to play antique and new video games and rides.

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Episode 6 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Description: Ben and John visit Albuquerque, New Mexico. They walk around historic Old Town Albuquerque, go to The Candy Lady store where they sell Breaking Bad souvenirs, and check out the Octopus Car Wash which is the location for the A1A Car Wash in Breaking Bad.

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Episode 7 – Grand Canyon, Arizona

Description: Ben and John visit Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. They learned about prescribed fires, checked out the views and wildlife of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and while they looked forward to their arrival in LA, they considered one more stop.

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Episode 8 – Arriving in California

Description: Ben and John arrive in Los Angeles, CA. They stop at the Alien Fresh Jerky store, drive around looking at LA landmarks in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Venice Beach, while Ben reflects on what he learned and how the trip changed his life.

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Bonus – Episode 9 – Get That Camera Out of My Face

Description: Ben interviews Fazio five months later to find out what he thought about the series and what it was like to be constantly filmed as he traveled across the country.


Bonus: Signs! Signs! Signs!


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