Bob Marley: Giant

Dennis Morris, photographer for Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter Bob Marley during the 1970’s, tells the stories behind many of his iconic images of the musician taken at concerts, backstage, and between shows. Watch it on Amazon and YouTube.

“Bob Marley: Giant” – Documentary on YouTube (17:49)

“Bob Marley: Giant – Part 2: The Deleted Scenes” on YouTube (13:28)
Morris continues to tell the stories behind several of his photos, including “Babylon By Van,” “I Shot The Sheriff,” “Nice Time,” and “Roots Rock Reggae.” Plus, Morris recalls the moment when he witnessed Marley getting injured while playing football, which eventually led to his death in 1981.

Trailer (1:43)

Directed & Edited by Ben Churchill
Produced by Erik Stone
Music by David Hlebo
Cinematography by Ben Churchill, Jack Bilotta

A Television Four Studios Production