Blind Film Critic

Tommy Edison has been blind since birth and living his dream of reviewing movies as the Blind Film Critic. With his unique and interesting perspective, Tommy says “I watch movies and pay attention to them in a different way than sighted people do. I’m not distracted by all the beautiful shots and attractive people. I watch a movie for the writing and acting.”

In addition to critiquing films, Tommy adds humor to his reviews. When he watched Water for Elephants, Tommy said, “I didn’t think Robert Pattinson was all that much to look at. I gotta be honest with you. I don’t know what all the kids see in him, but okay! Ha ha!”

Also, Tommy has a unique rating system. When he reviewed Scream 4, Tommy said, “Sighted people, I think you will really enjoy this movie. Blind people stay home. I’m going to give this 2 out of 4 eyes open!”

Plus, there are video mashups providing humorous commentary on Hollywood movies and trailers.

All the videos are produced and edited by Ben Churchill. Watch some of the videos below. For more information, visit the website at

Blind Film Critic Promo

Scream 4 movie review (no spoilers) (Tommy’s first review)

The Hangover movie review (no spoilers)

Die Hard movie review (no spoilers) (Inspiration for the Blind Film Critic)

Clerks movie review (no spoilers)

Suicide Squad movie review (no spoilers)

Don’t Breathe movie review (no spoilers)

How Our YouTube Videos Were Used For “Don’t Breathe” (no spoilers)