Backstage mit HEiNO!

Backstage mit HEiNO! features hilarious German personality HEiNO! interviewing the cast of Lucha VaVOOM – the subject of the documentary “Lucha VaVOOM: Inside America’s Most Outrageous Show” (2018). While editing the documentary, we discovered the raw footage for Backstage mit HEiNO! in Lucha VaVOOM‘s video archives so we used several clips in the film and the rest of the material was edited into this short digital series distributed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The 11-episode series features HEiNO! talking backstage to the show’s wrestlers, dancers, and comedians. Guests include wrestlers Joey Ryan, Cassandro el Exotico, Chocolate Caliente, Dirty Sanchez, The Crazy Chickens, dancers Kitten de Ville, Lucy Fur, and Lux LaCroix, comedians Blaine Capatch and Tom Kenny and many more. Watch the teaser and select episodes below. Watch the complete series here on YouTube.

Series Teaser (0:33)

Host Blaine Capatch, Guest Host Tom Kenny, and Ring Announcer Ignacio Serricchio (0:57)

Dancer Lucy Fur (1:04)

Pro-Wrestler Dirty Sanchez (1:03)

Watch the complete series here on YouTube.