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The Story of Pepe & Pants Pasta Sauce (Short Documentary)

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This is the story of Pèpe & Pants pasta sauce founded by Chef Rich Pèpe & Actor Joe Pantoliano. A short film by Ben Churchill.

Visit the Pèpe & Pants website:

All profits are donated to NKM2:


Childhood friends, and both from Hoboken, Joey Pantoliano (Joey Pants) and Rich Pèpe often sat around the kitchen table with their large Italian families. Over a bowl of macaroni, they’d talk of ways to become successful, and “live the American dream” just like their immigrant grandparents sought when they came to America from Southern Italy.

Fast forward to today, and we find that Joey and Pèpe have both realized their respective dreams. Joey is a respected Emmy award winning actor and Pèpe is a successful chef and restaurateur. Once again, over a bowl of macaroni, the lifelong friends concluded that the one thing they did well together was to make a great pasta sauce (or is it gravy?). So, forty years later, they have teamed up to offer you their family recipes that came over “on the boat” with their grandparents.

But these “Two Guys from Hoboken” didn’t stop in the kitchen; they decided to donate a portion of the net proceeds to support NO KIDDING, ME TOO, a celebrity advocated charity devoted to bringing awareness and compassion to mental health issues.

Pèpe & Pants Pasta Sauce is touted as the next Newman’s Own. With five sauces to choose from, online recipes to download, and a cookbook in the works, Pèpe & Pants Pasta Sauce is fast becoming one of the most popular pasta sauces in America today.

“No Kidding, Me 2!” Documentary

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Joe Pantoliano (The Sopranos, Memento, The Matrix) makes his documentary directorial debut with No Kidding, Me 2! as part of his fight against the stigma and shame of mental/brain “dis-ease” (or disease). This empowering film sheds light on what nearly 100 million Americans suffer in isolation. Through candid, often humorous discussions with Pantoliano and his family on their struggle with his own clinical depression, as well as the compelling stories of five other people from all walks of life, all affected differently by mental illness: a brain surgeon with bipolar disorder, a psychologist with ADHD, and three high school students managing bipolar disorder and clinical depression. Each frankly discusses the struggle before they were diagnosed, including attempts at self-medication and other destructive behavior, as well as the hope and encouragement they discover when managing their own recovery and realizing they are not alone.

The result is an inspiring vision of a society that “stomps the stigma,” as those impacted by mental illness are surprised to find millions of others like themselves, saying, “No kidding, me too!”

Written, Produced & Directed by
Joey Pants

Ben Churchill, Joseph Greco, Lauren Millner

Ben Churchill

Associate Editors
Francis Sheehan, David Russell

Rent or Buy the movie on iTunes:!/id421817917

Buy the DVD at Amazon:

Watch the movie at Amazon Instant Video:

No Kidding, Me Too! Non-Profit Organization

“NO KIDDING, ME 2!” Trailer #2

“NO KIDDING, ME 2!” Trailer #1

“NO KIDDING, ME 2!” Behind-the-Scenes Reel

No Kidding?! Me Too! / – Videos

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I have produced, edited, and shot several videos for actor Joe Pantoliano’s non-profit organization No Kidding?! Me Too! whose goal is to stomp the stigma and discrimination that surrounds brain disease/mental illness. Visit the website:

All-American Brain Public Service Announcement (60 sec)
Featuring (in alphabetical order) Anthony Edwards, Hector Elizondo, Corey Feldman, Frances Fisher, Harrison Ford, Jon Gries, Bonnie Hunt, Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano, Jason Ritter, Robert Picardo.

Motorcycle Charity Ride 2011 Highlights
On Friday, August 26th 2011, the non-profit organization ‘No Kidding? Me Too!’ with Joe Pantoliano teamed up with RAW Design to raise money awareness about the stigma that surrounds brain disease by organizing a charity ride for motorcycles called “Lit-For-Life” from Bethel, Connecticut (Rally Point 1) to Yonkers, New York (Rally Point 2) to Times Square, New York.

Between Iraq and a Hard Place
In August of 2009, actor Joe Pantoliano, actress Lisa Jay, and Dr. Bob Irvin from McLean Hospital went on the “Stomp The Stigma” tour for ten days in Iraq. They screened Joey’s documentary No Kidding, Me 2!, spoke about their experience with mental illness, and interviewed troops about the growing problem of suicides and P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.