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Cooking with Adrienne & Manny

Cooking with Adrienne & Manny

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Adrienne and Manny Munos contacted me to help them produce a demo for a new cooking show they were developing. At the time, I was co-workers with Adrienne as well as a friend, so I agreed to help with the video. Two weeks later we shot and edited the demo. A couple years later, Adrienne and Manny were cast to appear in the pilot episode of “My Favorite Recipe Rocks” hosted by Joey Fatone. The show aired on the Live Well Network in January 2012.

Below is the original demo and out-takes reels which Adrienne and Manny used to successfully audition for “My Favorite Recipe Rocks”.

Cooking with Adrienne and Manny – First Demo

Cooking with Adrienne and Manny – First Demo Out-takes Reel

Watch Adrienne and Manny’s newest demo featuring highlights from “My Favorite Recipe Rocks“.

Watch the entire 22 minute episode of “My Favorite Recipe Rocks” featuring Adrienne and Manny.