Live Q&A on YouTube | Tommy Edison XP

January 2, 2017


Tommy Edison and I hosted a live stream on Thursday, Dec. 29 at 1pm PST featuring a live Q&A, giveaways, a year in review, and more!

If you want to see Tommy at VidCon in California or Australia, tell VidCon by submitting to the links below.

VidCon in Anaheim, California on June 21-24, 2017

VidCon in Melbourne, Australia on Sept 9-10, 2017

What do you have a suggestion for?: Featured Creator
Creator Name: Tommy Edison
Creator Channel:
Current # of Subscribers: 370,000
Location: Los Angeles, California
Why would the proposed creator be a good fit for VidCon?: Tommy would be a good fit to help continue the discussion of disability on YouTube and represent the community.
Potential Topics: Disability, Vlogging, Diversity, Education
Creator Bio: Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth and is known as the Blind Film Critic, uses humor to answer the most popular questions about living without sight and takes on challenges which test his other senses.

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